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December 23, 2012
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Arcosian Reference Sheet - Female by RyunoOhi Arcosian Reference Sheet - Female by RyunoOhi
Here's an early Christmas present to my DeviantArt watchers & fellow Frieza fans!
:iconpresentplz: Huzzah, we now have girls. Download for full view, please.:icondownload-plz:
First, please note that the models used here are just that: generic models. They're not O.C.s, they're not re-colors (technically), they're just meant to demonstrate the main types of species coloration found among Arcosians (I even tried to scientifically explain the drastic differences between some individuals' coloration!). Second, these are just the females - the male sheet is here.

I would like to personally thank many people for inspiring me to keep up this project, & for helping me speculate & form my theories. So, here's the short list of TOTALLY AWESOME people without whom I would not be able to exceed my own limits:
These are just the people who have sent me notes on DeviantArt, so if I haven't listed you, know that I am saying "thank you" to you as well.

If you have any questions about my designs, or would like to use this basic character design, please feel free to Note me! If you utilize this design in making O.C.s, writing a character in a story, etc., I only ask that you link back to my DeviantArt, & link me to your creation.

Now, for the next installment of this series, I would like my Watchers & DeviantArt friends to suggest to me what to draw next. Will it be:

:bulletred: Female Reference Sheet? :iconfireworks2plz:DONE!:iconfireworks2plz:

:bulletgreen: Ages & Development From Birth to Death? (5 votes so far)

:bulletpurple: Overview of the Planet Arcos? (3 votes so far)

:bulletorange: History & Mythology? (3 votes so far)

:bulletyellow: Language & Etiquette? (3 votes so far)

:bulletblue: Skeletal Structure & Basic Physiology? (1 vote so far)
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DracoLupinLMK Apr 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
OOooooooooh A shiny frieza! I have a masterball with his name on it.
RyunoOhi Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Silly human, everyone knows Shiny Mewtwo is green.  Besides that, these are female, & as far as Pokemon videogame canon goes, Mewtwo is still listed as genderless.  Any Arcosians would probably be confused & annoyed that you're throwing things at them.
Let an inferior lifeform have his fun. :P
Well, the albino one looks really nice!
And another great piece of work to add to my growing collection of design notes for my long-planned and sadly unlikely-to-ever-be-made DBZ RP Game. Between Bringer of Death, Lisalu's Red Dragon Tetralogy, and you i'm going to have a fully functioning DBZ World that will live and breathe even before any players step into it. 
 ~Much love and respect.
PS: I'll throw in my vote for the Ages and Development details as well since it seems a fairly bygone conclusion at this point.
RyunoOhi Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aha, someone else who has read the Red Dragon Tetralogy.  That was my first real taste of true world-building beyond canon in a DBZ fanfiction, & though I disagree with a LOT of the biological aspects, I fondly remember that story as inspirational.  If someday you do make an RPG or write a story, be sure to credit all your sources; I'd love to get a heads-up to see any finished product.
Nothing remarkable has happened in the Solar System in the last 2,500 years but...
Since this is kind of related to xenobiology and to the dragon ball legend you may find this creativity-inspiring:

Food for thought.

"Theyīre sexually dimorphic because so" or "they have chromosomic or genetic differences because so" wasnīt the answer I was looking for. I understand straight that anatomy and strategy go together but, why arenīt bulky females behaving "macho" or vice versa? For some reason this reminded me of homosexuality. Or, are they? Looking at the males sheet the bulkiness is similar but that just makes any strict separation harder to justify. Why arenīt all "machos" or all "gals"? What about gender-roles swapping? Is it an ESS? Is ones carrying the load (pregnant) and others "living la vida loca" meanwhile the key or what? When looking for a mate, what are the typical preferences? Presumably external signs of health, quite evident or subtle. Can strategies be affected, for instance, by testosterone doping or by a female raised like a male (or vice versa)? What about cheating? As a general rule, the more parental care the offspring needs the less often cheating.
RyunoOhi Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, my bad, I misunderstood your original question. ^^;

So, you're inquiring more about cultural gender roles, right?  Well, that's a little different, & not something I've done as much research on (the in-universe explanation is that Arcosians don't like being "studied" by outsiders, so I the xenoanthropogist only got so far in my research).

There's nothing preventing a bulkier female Arcosian from having a more violent, aggressive fighting style & mannerisms, & vice versa, it just isn't the norm.  As for swapping gender roles, that...would be very difficult, given how sexually dimorphic they are.  Up until they hit puberty, you could raise a female as a male or vice versa, but once the horns start coming in & other aspects of their sex become apparent, it would become very confusing very quickly, to both the child & others around them.  On that note, Ratsura is the only character in my mythos so far who displays deviant sexual tendencies...& he has a rather long list of Freudian excuses.  He's the exception, not the rule, generally speaking.

For some of your other questions, & more details on what I answered here, please Note me, so we don't write a wall of text in the comments. ;)
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